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440 Epping Road Wollert

The project development at 440 Epping Road aims to transform an industrial zone into a dynamic and functional space, accommodating 40 to 60 warehouses. This development presents an opportunity to create a modern and efficient industrial complex that meets the needs of businesses and contributes to the economic growth of the area. This project description provides an overview of the development plans, highlighting its key features and benefits.


Situated along Epping Road, the project benefits from a strategic location with excellent connectivity and access to major transportation routes. The proximity to highways, ports, and distribution networks makes it an ideal choice for businesses requiring efficient logistics and distribution capabilities. The location also offers convenience to suppliers and customers, contributing to a thriving industrial ecosystem.

Project Scope:

The project at 440 Epping Road aims to create a well-designed industrial complex that prioritizes functionality, flexibility, and sustainability. The development will encompass the following key aspects:

Warehouse Configuration and Size:

The project will include 40 to 60 warehouses, offering a range of options to cater to various business requirements. The warehouses will be designed with versatility in mind, allowing for customization and efficient space utilization. Different sizes and configurations will be available to accommodate diverse industries and operations.

Infrastructure and Utilities:

The development will prioritize the installation of robust infrastructure and utilities to support the needs of businesses. This includes well-designed road networks for smooth traffic flow within the complex, adequate parking spaces, loading docks, and proper drainage systems. Access to reliable water, electricity, and internet services will be ensured to facilitate seamless operations.

Sustainable Design:

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, the project will incorporate eco-friendly features and practices. Energy-efficient lighting systems, water-saving measures, and waste management strategies will be implemented to minimize the environmental impact of the complex. The inclusion of green spaces and landscaping will contribute to a visually appealing and environmentally conscious industrial environment.

Security and Safety:

The development will prioritize the safety and security of the warehouses and their occupants. This includes implementing state-of-the-art security systems, monitoring mechanisms, and appropriate fire safety measures. The project will comply with relevant safety regulations and guidelines to provide a secure working environment for businesses and their employees.

Connectivity and Accessibility:

The project will focus on enhancing connectivity and accessibility to support efficient business operations. Adequate transport infrastructure, including road connections and loading areas, will facilitate the movement of goods and services. The proximity to major transportation hubs and logistic networks will provide businesses with convenient access to suppliers, customers, and markets.

Flexibility for Business Growth:

The design and layout of the warehouses will allow for flexibility and scalability, enabling businesses to expand and adapt to changing needs. The project will incorporate features such as modular layouts, adjustable spaces, and provisions for future expansion. This flexibility will provide a supportive environment for business growth and development.


The project development at 440 Epping Road aims to create a modern and efficient industrial complex that meets the needs of businesses operating in a range of industries. With a strategic location, thoughtful design, and emphasis on sustainability, the development seeks to provide a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. By prioritizing connectivity, flexibility, and security, the project aims to contribute to the economic growth and success of the industrial zone and the wider region.