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160 King Street Wallan Vic 3756

Land Size : 9.85 Acres

The project development at 160 King Street in Wallan aims to transform a parcel of land into a vibrant residential community consisting of 70 lots. Located in a desirable area, this project offers an opportunity to create an attractive and well-designed neighborhood that caters to the needs of future residents. This project description provides an overview of the development plans, highlighting its key features and benefits.


Situated in the heart of Wallan, the project at 160 King Street benefits from a prime location with easy access to essential amenities. The site’s proximity to schools, parks, shopping centers, and public transportation provides convenience and ensures a high quality of life for residents. Its connection to major road networks also offers easy commuting options to neighboring areas.

Project Scope:

The project at 160 King Street aims to create a thoughtfully designed residential community that emphasizes functionality, aesthetics, and the well-being of future residents. The development will encompass the following key aspects:

Lot Configuration and Size:

The project will consist of 70 residential lots, offering a range of options to suit various preferences and lifestyles. The lot sizes will be carefully planned to accommodate a mix of housing types, including detached houses, townhouses, and potentially other appropriate options. This diversity will contribute to the overall appeal and inclusivity of the community.

Infrastructure and Utilities:

The development will prioritize the installation of essential infrastructure and utilities to ensure a high standard of living for residents. This includes well-designed road networks, efficient drainage systems, reliable water and electricity supply, and modern communication infrastructure. The project will adhere to local regulations and standards to provide a safe and comfortable living environment.

Green Spaces and Amenities:

Recognizing the importance of green spaces and community amenities, the project will incorporate landscaped areas, parks, and recreational facilities within the residential community. These spaces will offer opportunities for relaxation, outdoor activities, and social interaction. The inclusion of walking paths, playgrounds, and gathering areas will contribute to a vibrant and cohesive neighborhood.

Architectural Design and Aesthetics:

The development will prioritize architectural design that harmonizes with the surrounding environment and creates an attractive streetscape. Attention will be given to architectural elements, building materials, and landscaping choices to ensure visual consistency and a visually pleasing community. The aim is to create a sense of place that residents can be proud of and enjoy.

Connectivity and Accessibility:

The project will prioritize connectivity and accessibility to enhance residents’ convenience and mobility. Proper road infrastructure, including pedestrian-friendly pathways and connections, will ensure easy access within the community. Convenient transportation options and proximity to nearby amenities will further contribute to the overall livability and connectivity of the neighborhood.

Community Engagement:

Engaging the future residents throughout the development process is a vital aspect of the project. Community consultations, surveys, and feedback sessions will be conducted to ensure that the design and amenities align with the residents’ preferences and needs. By involving the community, the project aims to foster a sense of ownership and create a close-knit and vibrant neighborhood.


The project development at 160 King Street in Wallan offers an exciting opportunity to create a thriving residential community that meets the needs and desires of future residents. With a focus on thoughtful planning, quality infrastructure, green spaces, and community engagement, the development aims to provide an attractive and convenient living environment. By prioritizing connectivity, sustainability, and community well-being, the project seeks to create a welcoming and cohesive neighborhood where residents can enjoy a high quality of life.